Erogenous zones of women

Erogenous zones is the point in the body, you touch the which occurs the sexual arousal. These points are created by nature. And if the partner is the one who does with the knowledge of his business, the body begins to prepare for the sexual act. In the female body of such points more than the men. About many of these points we know virtually nothing.

If you do not touch your erotic zone, it can cause completely opposite effect as expected.

The main erogenous zones of women

erogenous zones of women

What is ies of the points in the body of the woman, and how to influence them?

There is an opinion. the body of the woman is pink erogenous zone. It can be said that not all men will take the hassle out of your search. These points can be changed, such as the location and the level of excitability. In its place can influence many factors. This can be the fatigue, the state of the nervous system, mood, and other Not to each member of the forces, determine and perform an action to the full of the erotic excitement.

The more in the female body in these areas, so that more sexy. And the thing is already a partner, so that this sexuality to excite by caresses and touches , in the area where there are the most sensual point. Any girl of the right action of a partner, you will receive much more strong of pleasure, that of fast and passionate sex.

Most common points is the center of the shoulder, the neck back beneath the hair, the part of the abdomen near lobka and around her navel, tongue, ear lobes, lips, the forehead, the eyelids, the clitoris, the fovea above the clavicle (collarbone), the vagina, the breasts, the ankle, the area of the blades, the buttocks, the knee, the crease of the elbow. All these erogenous zones are referred to as primary. Someone, in these places work in the complex, someone in a selective manner.

In the female body, with experience in sexual intercourse, appear new erogenous zones. These areas are called secondary. Be they can, in the most varied places and in the action partner to react in a different way. Because our body of the woman! Is able to orient itself under a new sexual partner.

Factors that modify the degree of sensitivity of the erogenous zones of the woman.

Erogenous zones are susceptible to external factors. These factors are referred to odors. Influencing the mental health and the emotional state of the girl child, the aroma may create a mood-romantic, relaxing or exciting, even lead to aggression. Is it possible that the point of hiding, and what is the opposite of acquire even more tenderness and affection. The atmosphere, the sounds, the clothing everything is of no importance paper. The number and sensitivity of mood, waiting for something, fatigue, alcohol.

As a woman, natura, erogenous zones of the woman are very unstable.

How to determine these points?

For the partner found these points, you must create a condition for the relaxation. And then, with the help of the kisses and the caresses, we proceed to inspect the body of the woman. To obtain an excitement, a girl has to help the couple and to suggest which of the erogenous zones in the most sensitive. These points can be found in a small finger beautiful, slender feet to the tips of the hairs on the head beautiful bridesmaids.